Hiring a photographer is tedious at best; exhausting at worst. Plus, it’s a process which lacks transparency of pricing, reviews and usage rights. Customers have to waste valuable time to search portfolios, compare websites, scan cherry-picked testimonials, search or call for quotes, and finally, check availability. If schedules don’t match up; it’s back to square one.

And as for professional photographers, marketing a business can be a full-time job in itself, one that is both daunting and time-consuming. We’ve set out to change the way people find photographers. Pinkuva was created to simplify the search process so clients can quickly compare and find the right photographer to hire, and photographers can book more jobs with qualified clients. There is a second problem that our platform solves: with limited marketing budgets, many photographers have trouble filling their appointment books. They also don’t pick up much work while traveling or out of town. Most photographers we surveyed have little success with listing sites–which usually come with added costs for subscriptions, bids, and featured listings.

Pinkuva will allow customers to easily search for talented photographers, in their geographical area, who are available for a specified day or time, and for the type of event relevant to the photographer’s skills. Pinkuva excited to bring more efficiency to the hiring process allowing customers to find talent without spending too much time and without breaking the bank. Meanwhile pro photographers can score some quick biz and referrals conveniently! And that can be achieved by a very unique mobile application that allows customers to discover the following: • Search for any type of photographer (Wedding, portrait, family, newborn, and more) • Browse local professionals in your area (Or find one who will travel to your destination) • Powerful filtering capabilities (Filter by distance, price, or recommendations) • Collect your favorites. (Review and contact your favorites in one convenient place) • Contact your perfect photographer directly. (call, email, or meet with them in person) • Find a second shooter. (Find photographers who are available to assist on shoots)

To create sustainable information, advocacy and communication systems designed to connect the right photographers with the right customers, and associated imaging professionals.

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